About In-Dash Car DVD Players

In-dash car auto dvd players are manufactured by many companies and have a wide array of options and screen sizes. But the two main categories of in-dash car DVD players are factory installed and after-market installed. A factory-installed player is one that was put into a vehicle when it was manufactured. These were installed directly by the vehicle’s manufacturer and are premium accessories on some new vehicles. Often these are installed in a vehicle instead of a stereo system.

An after-market installed in-dash car AUTO DVD PALYER was put in after the vehicle was purchased. It was not installed by the car company, and the installation process of after-market machines usually involves removing the car’s existing stereo system.

An in-dash car DVD player typically has a single-disc reader along with a small screen, which is typically LCD and is up to 8 or 9 inches in size. Because it replaces or substitutes for the stereo system, an in-dash DVD player will usually play audio CDs and have connections for satellite radio tuners and MP3 players. AUTO NAVIGATION typically do not have FM or AM radio tuners, making it impossible to listen to broadcast radio stations in a vehicle.

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