How to Attach a DVD Player to a Headrest

Watching a movie while traveling is one of the benefits of being a passenger in the back seat of a car. The headrest of the passenger seat can be replaced with one that has an LCD screen built in–allowing passengers to watch movies being played on a DVD GPS IPod TV Bluetooth player. A battery powered portable DVD player can then be connected to the LCD screen using a single video cable.Purchase an LCD screen headrest from your car’s authorized dealer, an electronics store or after-market car supply.

Remove the passenger’s headrest from the car seat by pulling up on the headrest with one hand while pushing in on the side struts to loosen them from the slot inside of the top of the seat. Pull the headrest out of the slot and place it away for safekeeping.Snake the electrical cord attached to the Toyota corrola DVD PLAYER headrest through the hole in the top of the seat and out the bottom. Insert the struts of the LCD screen headrest into the hole in the top of the seat. Push in on the struts as you push the headrest down into the seat.

Go to a car repair or car service center. Purchase the services of a certified mechanic who can wire the electric cord of the AUTO DVD PALYER headrest to the car’s electrical system.


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