How to Connect a Car Amplifier to a DVD Player

Connect your RCA patch cable to the audio outputs of your AUTO DVD PALYER. DVD players will have a set of right and left stereo RCA jack outputs for sound, in addition to their usual selection of digital outputs. Plug the red RCA plug into the DVD player’s red RCA jack, and the white RCA plug into the DVD player’s white RCA plug.

Route the TOYOTA RAV4 DVD PLAYER cable to the location of your amplifier. If the two are very close to each other, this is quite easy. If they’re in different parts of the car, you’ll want to remove the scuff plates along the doors so you can pull back the carpet and put the cable down underneath it.

Plug the RCA cable into the RCA jacks of the amplifier. As you did with the RCA outputs of the DVD player, connect the red plug into the red jack of the amplifier, and the white plug into the white jack. This completes the audio connection of your DVD GPS for FORD and car amplifier.

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