How to Get the Audio to Work on Car DVD Players

Built-in TOYOTA RAV4 DVD PLAYER on your vehicle also play CDs and are connected to the stereo system. You typically shouldn’t run into an issue with just the DVD audio portion of the player. However, it is possible to experience an occasional audio issue during playback. Through a few troubleshooting steps, you can correct the problem you are experiencing with the DVD player.

Check the audio settings on the car stereo. Turn the audio up to see if the audio is muted or down. This is a mistake that is easy to correct.

Look to see if a pair of headphones are connected to any of the viewing monitors. When a pair of headphones is connected it becomes the default speaker device. Disconnect the headphones and the audio now plays over the car’s speaker system.

Press « DVD GPS for FORD » on the stereo. This changes the stereo from playing music from the radio or CD to the DVD.

Open the car’s user manual and look up the fuse information. If the stereo isn’t working, you may have blown a fuse. The information in the manual is going to state where to find the fuses and what fuse powers the DVD GPS IPod TV Bluetooth. Remove the fuse and look to see if it is damaged or burned out. If the fuse is damaged, replace it. You can find replacement fuses at any automotive store and at large retail stores.


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