How to read a car DVD player introduction without obstacle?

Nowadays, auto dvd players are becoming more and more popular to many people around the world. The main reason is that the car DVD player can bring us endless pleasure when we are driving. With a car DVD player, you can listen to the music or radio, watch some DVDs, play some games and more while driving for a trip. Thus, you may find that your trip will be funny and enjoyable instead of boring and tiring, so i think a car AUTO DVD PALYER is necessary for car owners.


Before we buy a car DVD player, we usually like to read the introduction, which can not only make us learn more about the quality and the features, but also make it clear whether the car DVD player you select satisfies your expectation and requirement.However, we often see some acronyms or abbreviations means when we are reading the car DVD player introduction. What are these acronyms or abbreviations means? Now let’s learn several common abbreviations through following part of the description about a car AUTO NAVIGATION:


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