How to Wire Additional Monitors to a Car DVD

Measure the size of the headrest with a tape measure to determine the largest auto dvd players monitor that you can install and wire.

Remove the headrest, if possible, from the seat and place it on a flat surface such as a workbench.

Set the DVD monitor on top of a piece of paper and trace around it with a pencil. Once you have finished tracing the outline cut out the template with a pair of scissors.

Place the paper template on the backside of the headrest and trace around it with a felt-tip marker or a pencil. Once the outline has been traced, draw an « X » on the inside.

Cut along the lines of the X you drew on the headrest with a utility knife. Cut off the corners, leaving about 1/2 inch of material around the perimeter of the opening.

Peel back the outer covering of the headrest and remove the padding or foam to make room for the AUTO DVD PALYER monitor. Remove the padding or foam until you reach the metal bracket of the headrest. Clean as much padding or foam as you can from the bracket.

Make a small hole on the bottom side of the headrest for the wires that are needed to connect the AUTO NAVIGATION monitor.

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