Is a 2 din car DVD good enough for your vehicle?

The double din auto dvd players is mounted in the dashboard, and the monitor usually ranges from 6.5 to 7 inches. Compared with a single din player, the double din unit can offer you better visual experience with a monitor that is large enough for you to view the image clearly. Generally, if you want to use a single din player, you need to output the images and videos to an external monitor. A 2 din car DVD will save you from such a trouble.

Like other car DVD players, the 2 din car DVD has multiple functions of entertainment. As for music enjoyments, it’s not only easy for you to listen to various radio channels through the AUTO DVD PALYER but also convenient to read CDs, DVDs and digital files from memory cards. The unit often includes a USB port and a SD card slot so that you can plug your USB sticks and SD cards into the player directly. Furthermore, there are different TV programs available for you to watch in the vehicle as if you are sitting in front of a television at home. A remote control is incorporated for the convenience of controlling the volume, changing the channels and other functions. Besides, you can also play games in game discs or downloaded from website. The only note is that, it’s neither safe nor legal for you to watch AUTO NAVIGATIONor play games when you are driving.

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